The Law of Limited Performance

The Law of Second Chances says that after blowing their first chance, most people will sit and hope that someone awards them with a second chance, when in fact, every person has the power to award themselves with a second, third, even fourth chance on their own.

However, most don’t.

It’s just so much easier to whine and cry and mope around feeling sorry for yourself. The process of blaming something or someone else for failure is a time-honored strategy. Heck, if you can blame someone or something for failure, then that just delays the pressure of personal accountability.

This is where the Law of Limited Performance comes in. This law goes into effect the moment that a person understands the level of performance that their manager will settle for. Once understood they very quickly get to that level and settle in, accepting their perceived fate.

The “one-chance” mindset is the lazy, blame ridden, finger pointing, convenient way out. “The world sucks and I can prove it. Just look at me…, “is the milieu of people dedicated to a certain satisfaction with mediocrity. But what about the risk takers and wall breakers? What about the people that are not willing to accept defeat or to refocus blame?

The Law of Second Chances is tattooed on the eyelids of these people. They understand that they have the seemingly magical ability to award themselves second and third and fourth chances. Their key to achieving this is that they take problems and issues and break them down to learn what the lesson is and then to learn the lesson so that it never happens again. They don’t wallow in self-pity; they instead wallow in education. They accept the fact that the issue happened; they define exactly why it happened; They understand how the issue will never happen again and then they simply move on. They move on with the confidence that they have now learned from their mistake and in turn have some valuable new information that will save them and their teams time, money and effort in the future.

We have the incredible ability to award ourselves with second and third and fourth chances in life. And, it takes work, but it’s work that always pays off.

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