The Most Powerful Four-Letter Word

After exhaustive observation, study and research, covering multiple generations of data I have concluded that there is one four letter word that is the most controversial, mis-understood and maligned four letter word in any language is. Some people can’t even say it. So, I’ll ease you into it by first (partially) spelling it. It is _ _ _ K.

Some of us love it and need it every day while others shun it and turn their backs to it.  It’s all some of us know and it’s something that many of us avoid, like the plague! Some have been doing it since a very young age and have learned to enjoy it and respect it. Others have never quite got the hang of it.

What is this pariah of all words? What is the one word that can make a grown man cry and cower in the corner while it emboldens others with super powers of influence and wealth?

The word is…. WORK!

Yes, work. What else could it be?

I was raised on a wheat farm in South Central Kansas where work was a required discipline. The work gene had to be a part of your DNA or you didn’t survive. My Grandfather taught me the value of a strong work ethic which I have taught my sons and my grandsons. When it comes to living the disciplines of work it is essential to know why you’re willing to work so hard. It is essential to have clear goals and objectives. It is just as essential to practice priority management. That is, only doing the highest priority, highest consequence tasks first then managing the time around getting only the highest priority tasks completed before anything else.

The success that I’ve had in my entrepreneurial endeavors and my business coaching and consulting practice is largely due to the fact that I simply outworked my competition. A solid personal and professional work ethic will outpace the competition very quickly. Not that talent isn’t important, but I’ve seen many highly successful entrepreneurs, business owners and executives who overcame incredible odds to soar to incredible heights. Neither lack of education, wealth or intellect slowed them down. Through sheer effort they willed themselves to success, despite what the world might have said otherwise. They were willing to work and persist, rather than feel and act empowered.

Nothing in this world can stop a man or woman who dares to dream and believe and then put in the effort to make it happen. Nothing!

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