I am always in pursuit of success. I am a lifelong believer that the footprints of success are already laid, so I study how others pursue and achieve their dreams. I read. I listen. I collect every element and tool I can get my hands on. And, sometimes it’s the simplest things that inspire.

Here’s a poem I found a long while ago. I love it, but I must apologize to the author because for the life of me I don’t know where it came from or who wrote it, but I love it. It was in a binder of notes and articles that I’ve horded over the years. This poem gets straight to the point that without perseverance and passion; your odds of success are zero! ZERO!

So I pass it along in hopes that it might mean something to you as well. All great knowledge is not always found in the success books filled with some experts’ “silver bullets”. The answer sometimes may just be in the simplicity of a few important words. Enjoy!


Never Give Inn…Churchill said

With a heavy heart and tears;

While Nazi’s bombed London

down around his ears.

He said it with courage and anger

And bluff

“Never Give In” and “Never Give Up!”


From caterpillar to butterfly

Is a dangerous ride

For two days the cocoon is liquid

And mushy inside

Time to let nature take its course

….and never give up, of course!


Through the Cheering and jeering

As you’re driving and steering yourself

All the way to the top;

Remember perseverance despite all interference

And Never.




Give Up!!

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