The Universal and Unbreakable Laws of Sales Success

Somewhere, out there in the universe, there is a scroll containing a list of the universal, unbreakable Laws of Business. Compiled over millennia, this scroll identifies the clear and plain truths that every entrepreneur or businessperson must know to be successful. Evidently not many people know about this or if they do, actually pay attention to it. That is why so many businesses go broke every year. From life savings to Fortunes, they are lost, and careers ruined because of the lack of adherence to these universal business laws.

Over the years I have discovered and compiled many of these unbreakable business laws. Enough to fill a book and I wanted to offer a few to my readers in order to get just a taste of these “secrets”.

  1. The Law of Sales: Nothing happens until a sale takes place!
  2. The Law of Ambition: How high you rise is largely determined by how high you decide to climb.
  3. The Law of Need: Every decision to purchase a product or service is an attempt to satisfy a need or relieve a dissatisfaction of some kind.
  4. The Law of Problems: Every product ort service must be viewed as a solution to a problem or the resolution of an uncertainty.
  5. The Law of Emotion: A consumer’s final decision to buy will be emotion driven.
  6. The Law of Persuasion: The purpose of the selling process is to convince the prospect/customer that they will be better off with your product than they would be with a competitor’s product.
  7. The Law of Risk: Risk is inherent in any investment of time, money or emotion. So, plan on it as you build your strategy.
  8. The Law of Relationships: All selling is ultimately relationship selling
  9. The law of Positioning: The customer’s perception of you and your company is their reality. This perception will determine their buying behavior with you as well as dictate your income.
  10. The Law of Perverse Motivation: Everyone likes to buy but no one wants to be sold. Every sale should be a win-win decision.
  11. The Law of Confidence: In order to develop a quality that you lack, you must begin by acting as if you already had that quality in every situation where it is called for. In time you develop the quality.

These are just a few of the universal business laws. They have been around a long, long time and they will always apply, and, their application could be the make or break difference in your success.

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