How Does Thinking Make a Difference?

by Ed Foreman

Every one of us, at one time or another, has experienced difficulty. If you haven’t, you’re likely to… such as the loss of a job, a business failure, an unexpected drop in stock market prices devaluing your retirement portfolio, fire, flood, divorce, the loss of a loved one, etc. How we deal with that difficult experience determines its impact upon our lives. Long term, it is not what happens to us that’s so important. It is how we respond to what happens to us that makes the difference! Does that mean we can actually alter “reality” by the way we “think” about it? YES, we can.

The next likely question then is, “I suppose you’d be happy, confident, cheerful, positive and enthusiastic if your spouse had just walked out on you or if you’d just lost your job?” Only if you desire reconciliation with your spouse, or if you want to remarry. Only if you desire to get another job equal to or better than the one you had! If you go around complaining, whining and criticizing your former spouse, telling everyone how unfair, inconsiderate, no-good and difficult that person was, do you think they would want to marry you? If you criticize and complain loud and long enough, they’ll soon understand why your spouse left you!

Do you think a prospective new employer would want to hire you if you are critical, condemning and remorseful about your previous employer? Or about how thoughtless, unappreciative and unfair they had been to you? They probably already have their quota of sourpusses!

All of us regret the loss of a loved one, young or old, and there will always be a reasonable period of mourning. However, to hang on to and dwell upon that hollow, hurtful feeling and painful memory for an extended length of time will begin to take its toll upon you—physically, mentally and emotionally, and upon your love, appreciation and feeling for those whom you still have in your life. Reflect lovingly upon the positive impact that person had upon your life, review the good times you shared together and celebrate their life, instead of dwelling upon their departure! Life is uncertain; no one is here eternally. Enjoy and savor the time we have (or that we’ve had) together, here, now and today.

Our life, our health, our being, becomes what we THINK. YES, our cells are always eavesdropping on our thoughts. Thoughts are real things that cause actions that develop into habits that make us happy or sad, relaxed or tense, healthy or sick, rich or poor. Life is for living, not just for enduring, not just for tolerating, but to be lived, savored and enjoyed.

Make today a good day and you’ll have enjoyed a GOOD LIFE, today. Repeat the process, DAILY. It becomes a habit!




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