Get the inside track with powerful training from Coach Danny Creed.

Master Coach Dan Creed offers powerful training courses in private or public settings on many personal and professional success topics. Training is custom designed for each customer and can be a half-day to full day event. The goal for every event is to have all participants walk away with practical knowledge or strategies that can be immediately applied.
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Master Coach Dan Creed's training sessions include:

Customer Service, Satisfaction & Retention

Participants learn and design a program based on the four target levels of a killer customer satisfaction program.


The Real-World look at the foundational elements of leadership that must be in place before anything else can ever work.


11 Steps to building your own LIFE BEST LIVED.  more information >>


This workshop bursts the bubbles of time management myths and shows participants a system that if consistently applies will double their productivity in 24 hours and change their life.

Selling for the “Non-Selling” Professional

A complete system for the “Non-Selling Professional to become proficient at all phases of the selling process, fast, using the Sales Communication Blueprint.


A simplified negotiation course detailing the 11 undeniable rules of negotiating anything.


This program trains participants how to understand, adapt and then manage any relationship, either personal or professional. This includes pegging their own personality profile then learning how world class strategies and techniques in how to apply this knowledge in the real world.


Not your run of the mill Goals setting conversation. This is ONLY for high end, serious achievers; business owners; high performance teams and focused executives. Casual interest participants will not be accepted.


The secret system of top salespeople worldwide. How to build your own world class referral network and never make another cold call using the Champions Power Referral Network process.


This is not a how-to marketing course, but a workshop to understand and develop the knowledge and clarity necessary to help the participant to correctly choose and implement a marketing program that doesn’t waste money and actually works!


12 Questions that every person needs to ask and clearly, honestly answer to have a more successful life, career and business.

And more...


“Our work together has enabled me to be a more effective executive leader, creating a more proactive and flexible organization with one of, if not the best, teams I have worked. My team & I could not be more pleased with the relationship and the demonstrable results.” - Nicolaus Galles, Director, Enterprise Payment Processing, Freedom Financial Network

“Danny has a very substantial level of experience and accumulated expertise that he has leveraged to help many senior executives from various verticals. He is always listening and thinking about ways to provide valuable, actionable advice. He was not only able to provide specific guidance to me but, due to the considerable size of his network, was also able to offer other critical proven
resources for me to leverage as I grow my advisory business.” - Steven J. Schreiber, Founder, Aquarius Partners, LLC

“Coach Dan was incredibly instrumental in my life during the time I worked with him. He was a business coach and, simultaneously, a life coach. His coaching directly applied to my work environment. He helped me positively change the way I approach my goals. Likewise, he developed my adaptability skills regardless of the circumstance. Whether just starting out or already a CEO of a company, I strongly recommend investing in his coaching.” - Breanna Lopez, Field Operations Manager at Employee Retention Benefits

“Danny has dramatically helped me improve my sales skills with a more active listening, more customized approach, and ultimately more successful deal-making. What is the best about Danny is conveying compelling concepts and changes in an efficient and easy-to-follow way. He has a great sense of humor too:) All of that made our coaching relationship very persuasive and enjoyable at the same time. I can recommend Danny to anyone looking to improve their sales effectiveness in a fast and impactful way.” - Tomasz Lisewski, Managing Director, The Barrett Group Europe (Warsaw Poland)

“Dan Creed was one of the most enamoring speakers that we’ve ever had in our boardroom. ”

“We received so many favorable comments on your presentation, 'Surviving and Thriving with a Customer Acquisition Strategy'. Your presentation skills and knowledge of the industry makes you an asset to have on the agenda and a sure-win for a successful conference.”

"If you are looking for a dynamic and entertaining professional that knows the sales game inside and out, then Dan Creed is the speaker for your next sales event.  Dan not only delivered an excellent session on Negotiating for us, he also sat down with me and personalized the message so it was consistent with the training that I am bringing to our network. Dan delivers a message that your sales team will take back with them after your event.  I highly recommend Dan Creed as that type of presenter!"

"WOW! Thanks for a great presentation at our marketing seminar. The group gave you rave reviews. Speaking as a member of the ITA marketing committee, thanks for making us look good! Your presentation was put together well and delivered in an outstanding manner. Again, Thanks!"

"Dan's energy and enthusiasm are equaled only by his knowledge of human behavior and what makes people make the business decisions they do. These are all critical elements of successful business coaching and inspiring motivational speaking. Dan's ability to listen to a situation and provide expert advice on next steps is exactly what business owners need in today's market."