Are you an executive, business owner, or entrepreneur searching for help with sales training and strategy?

If yes, then consider a business coach. A business coach will not only help you devise a sales strategy but can also help with training your sales teams and much more.

If you want to increase revenue dramatically, your sales training and strategy must align with your company's overall goals and objectives. First, let's touch on sales training and strategy and why most business owners could benefit significantly from a business coach.

What is Sales Strategy?

Your sales strategy allows you to concentrate your limited resources on potential opportunities to increase your sales, generate revenue, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. On the other hand, sales training also refers to a process of improving your selling skills, attributes, and knowledge to generate more customers. Therefore, it's imperative to focus on training each of your sales reps, so everyone is on the same page working towards the same goal.


Are there different types of sales training?

Yes. There are four main types of sales training, listed below.

Essential Sales Skills

Essential Sales Skills

For new sales professionals to learn the fundamentals. This includes learning about listening actively, asking qualifying questions, handling objections, effective presentations, following up, sending emails, phone calls, negotiating, etc.

Vendor Differentiation

Vendor Differentiation

Directing customers' focus on why they should buy from you instead of another competitor. Focus on the value your company, product, or service offers that no other product or vendor can in your market.

Demand Creation

Demand Creation

If your product already has great demand, you don't need to create the demand for that product. But if not, we can look at how to make your product shine brighter and capture more eyeballs than your competition. This will help you manufacture demand and gain your customers' attention.

Personal Motivation

Personal Motivation

Pep talks and speeches to motivate your sales reps and get them fired up to get out there and sell your products.

How do you train a new salesperson?

Every company, employee, location, and situation are different, so each salesperson needs a customized training program. However, here are a few more essential steps when training a new sales team member.

Set up a solid peer-mentor program for at least the first 90-days.

Start with easy things to sell.

Don't forget to train the salesperson on critical areas: company history, product details, relevant information about competitor products, etc.

Share the new salespersons' success stories with others to celebrate their achievements, helping to motivate them further and other new trainees.

Do a weekly review to assess progress and refocus goals for the following week.

What characteristics does a good salesperson have?

Here are some of the characteristics that most good salespeople have

A good listener









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