What IS the Value of a Trusted Advisor?

Every once in a while I come across a great thought provoking piece on sales. This piece is for everyone and anyone who makes a living selling something. Most of the time, I find these great pieces on someone’s wall or in an office where I’m visiting or working. I found one the other day and it really tells a great story. There is no author to give credit to so who ever put pen to paper on this idea, THANK YOU. It is obvious that you’ve fought some sales wars and have survived to figure out the secrets! So here you go dear readers and I hope you get the point of the story. Enjoy! ….Coach Dan

What IS the Value of a Trusted Advisor?

You wake; you start your relationships with your family

You have problems, you deal with their problems

You set the direction for your day and everyone else’s day

You set out on your day and start dealing with problems and issues

You try to solve your issues and all of your family’s issues

You deal with traffic, fuel, miles, dirty windshields, radio noise, and phone calls

You have pressure to perform and to make sales

You could use some kind of help

You’re getting hot; no one has bought yet today

Your phone rings, more problems at home

Your phone rings and it’s someone with more problems, more pressure

The traffic is getting worse; you haven’t made enough calls yet

You’re trying to make up for yesterday and stay on track for today

Your phone rings, it’s a customer with a problem that you don’t need

The weather is getting hot; you’re dirty from your last stop, who didn’t buy

You are hungry, but you are so far behind you can’t stop to eat

Your phone rings again, you’re stuck in traffic now

More problems, you still don’t have a sale

You get another call from home, things have changed, now what?

You finally make that stop and the guy’s not there

You don’t need this, what should you deal with first?

You make your next stop; the customer will buy, but wants a deal

You make the phone call, can’t get him the price he wants. The boss is in a meeting

You finally get the price, you get back to the customer, but you’re too high

You are running out of time, stuck in traffic again, still no sale

You have only made four stops all day, way behind, now what?

Your phone rings again, your spouse wants to know when you’re coming home.


Does this scenario sound familiar? Your CUSTOMER is having the same kind of day! Do you really think he needs YOUR price list or even cares about you TELLING him how great you or your product is?

Or, could you help him solve a problem? Listen to his issues and understand what he needs. Could you be the TRUSTED ADVISER that he needs? Now ask yourself this…How much would your customer pay for that?

Let’s talk about how you can become your customers TRUSTED ADVISER! I can help. That’s what I do.

As always, BE GREAT!

Coach Dan


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