What makes a good day or a bad day for a CEO?

I will answer your question with some questions. I’m not a shrink, but I am and have been a CEO many times and over the years I’ve learned that the definition of a good and bad day was solely based upon the clarity of my goals and what I had done that day to move them forward. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself to create a self evaluation for the Good Day/Bad Day question:

  1. ATTITUDE: How’s my attitude? No matter what’s going on have I maintained a positive attitude? A mentor once told me something that I know think of every day and believe is a universal truth; Someone is ALWAYS watching! If you have a good attitude or bad attitude, it will show and be reflected by your looks and actions, and, someone is always watching. How goes your attitude; so goes everyone in your company. So, how did I do today?
  2. SALES: Did I sell something today? The CEO has a unique opportunity to do things and get into doors that no one else in the company can access. The title alone should demand a certain level of respect, enough to earn the right on most occasions to be allowed into many otherwise inaccessible doors of important clients and potentially important prospects. So, did I do anything today to contribute to the bottom line in a way that only I could?
  3. RESPONSIVENESS: Was I reactive or proactive today? Was I a good listener and did I thoroughly understand the issues? Did I really strive to understand the needs of my team and customers from their point of view and then did I act on those needs?
  4. METRICS: Did I check my metrics or create metrics where there were none on all key areas? In order to protect my company’s money I must never waste it. Metrics are the only way to know for sure if something is or isn’t working, and then I know when to stop something or keep pushing (and spending) forward.
  5. The POWER OF NO: Did I say “NO” enough today. Sometimes “NO” is a precursor to a smart “YES”!
  6. GOALS: Are my goals for myself and my company absolutely and completely clear? Is my mission clear and solid? Did I live my values today? Do I have a constantly evolving vision for my company and the people that are making that vision happen and did anything happen today that might alter or change my goals and vision?
  7. TIME is PERISHABLE: Did I prioritize my time today? Did I manage my day or did it manage me? Today, did I work on only those tasks that had the highest priority and consequence or did I allow myself to get distracted?
  8. PRIORITIES: Did I remind myself more than once today that things can change very quickly. Things that I have control over and things that I don’t have control over can affect our results today. So, the question is, what did I do today to protect our tomorrow?
  9. VALUABLE MISTAKES: Did I learn from my mistakes today or did I dwell on them? Remember it’s only a mistake if I didn’t learn from it in a way that I will never repeat it.

There are other factors but these are a few of the things that will dictate a good or bad day for any CEO. Use this list and add to it as things arise. Strive to make every day a good day by learning from each one. You make the call. It’s really up to you!

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Make Every Day Count

Coach Dan

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