What Winners Want!

You know, sometimes I just get worn out by all the self-help/success gurus; futurists; researchers; clinical psychologists; new age prophets and “instant-success formula” pitchmen.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a working business coach I completely believe in the potential of every person and the necessity of an ongoing personal education program. There are quite a lot of great books by superior thought leaders, researchers, trainers, teachers and coaches. I have a room full of them and read and listen to them on a consistent and daily basis. But I was always drawn to people like Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler and Harvey Mackay. Their message was and has always been directed to mastering the basics, keeping things simple and working hard.

My gripe is always that many in the “SUCCESS” business just try to make personal and business success too complicated! And, because of that, business owners; executives and managers mismanage their potential and that of their current star performers. Using the latest technique or fad with a little pixie dust simply does not work for the WINNERS on any team. The fact is that seldom will there be a work team or group where everyone is a winner. There are always a few true WINNERS, lots of average and always a few that just never seem to get it.

The key to ongoing growth in this or any economy is that we must identify your winners early and learn to manage them differently. I know that if you talk with people who consider themselves WINNERS, they want something different. These are people that are usually overachievers; goal setters; people with a fire in their heart; a desire for success and a passion for life. They want something better and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get there

Recently, Harvey Mackay reminded me of the teachings of one of the most legendary football coaches in history. Paul “Bear” Bryant coached at Alabama for over 38 seasons and won 323 games. He knew a little something about coaching WINNERS. Coach Bryant believed that these were people that thrived in an environment where just (5) five things were important. So, if you’re a business owner or an executive where a big part of your job is managing people you need to understand, as Coach Bryant did, that people with the heart and mind of a WINNER just need to be treated and managed differently. They have a confidence and focus that needs to be understood.

Here are the Five Management Expectations of WINNERS!

  1. Tell me what you expect from me.
  2. Give me an opportunity to perform.
  3. Let me know how I’m doing.
  4. Give me guidance when I need it.
  5. Reward me according to my contributions.

The key to making this work is for the manager to just let go, and let these people do their thing. If they need help they will ask. And when they ask, it’s up to the manager to give clear, concise and direct feedback, comments and instructions.

Identify these superstars and potential superstars early and work with them accordingly. You’ll soon learn that life and business is much easier with them than competing against them when you run them off and they turn into the competitor.


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