Why Millennials Will Rule The World!

I think that Millennial’s are poised to rule the world! They’re often maligned and misunderstood, but I think that’s just a PR campaign of fake news to act as camouflage for their real purpose and that is to rule the world.

It’s not that skulking Millennials will sneak into my bedroom at night and replace my entire family with clone pods. Or their planning mass hypnosis while everyone is watching Game of Thrones. No, they’re much stealthier and before we know it, they’ll dominate the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I grew up in the ‘60s with hippie power, free love, Woodstock, protests, peace rallies and all that. We made a lot of noise back then. But these Millennials, they’re unlike other generations. Their noise is the sound that is made by a cash register.

A true Millennial is classified as anyone born between the years of 1977 and 2000. And according to the research of MillennialMarketing.com they’re making their presence known. Currently they make up 25% of the U.S. population. They represent over 21% of all consumer discretionary purchases, which amounts ot over a trillion dollars in direct buying power. 53% of their households have children and 64% of Millennial men believe that parenthood is a partnership. The research get’s even more interesting when we learn that 50% of all Millennials are more willing to shop from a company if their purchase supports a cause.

Millennials are 2.5x more likely to be a technology early adopter and over 56% are usually one of the very first to try new technology. 79% of millennials want to travel and 69% say they crave adventure. They are a prime consumer target. They are holistically minded, they distrust the government, they care about good health, they’re drinking less and living longer.

Does this truly mean that this generation thinks that the “rat race” is for the rats? Is work important but living a good and meaningful life just as equally important? Is the treadmill that their parents were/are on finally wearing out? Who knows?

One thing I am sure about. No matter what you say about those of us from the “60’s, we had the right idea about changing the world, but it was poorly implemented. The seeds were sewn though, right or wrong, for this Millennial generation to have a profound effect on what is to come and what life will be like for future generations. Rock on!

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