You Can’t Find a Job?

I heard someone the other day whining because they said they could not find a job. Look, if I had an eye coming out of the middle of my forehead and wore a pirates outfit, I could get a job in today’s business climate.

Every client that I work with has an issue today in finding help. I wish I were the guy that first patented the HELP WANTED sign because I see them in every business window wherever I go. But, if you can’t find a job today, you’re just not trying, so shut up.

The problem is that people are spoiled. They’ve convinced themselves to believe that the government will send you some money if you wait long enough. Now, I’m not complaining about those little surprises, but for some, it just offers them an excuse to continue their prolonged state of laziness. And don’t tell me that the jobs you’ve seen are below your status (which I’ve heard). Unless you’re born with the proverbial silver spoon, most of us who have had any level of personal or professional success have had to work. We’ve worked at jobs we didn’t like initially, but we worked, learned, and persevered. We’ve maintained a vision and hopes and dreams that drove us to do what we had to do to get where we wanted to go.

I spent my entire early years working on a farm. I’ve hauled hay all day for a penny a bale. That’s one cent for every bale of hay that I stacked and restacked. But I had a dream.

I was married and had babies and had to pay bills, so I drove a truck, worked in a salvage yard, and worked at an all-night truck stop pumping gas and fixing truck tires. Three jobs! But I still had a dream.

All of that taught me a work ethic that I carry with me four decades later. We have the opportunity in today’s world to be successful even though we might not be the smartest or the best educated. But if you’re willing to work and learn and focus, then you are way ahead of many, many others. I know many large employers who have interview questions designed to explore the work ethic of applicants. Some major recruiters say that a strong work ethic is a critical trait in placing people in high-paying positions.

If you can’t find a job today, you’re not trying, and that’s ok. Please continue perfecting the art of “not trying.” And thank you, you’re just in the way of those who want a job and are ready to work for their success!

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