An Internet Minute

Depending upon your age, what I am about to reveal to you will either astound you or make you yawn. Nonetheless, I want you to take a moment, sit in your easy chair/stand-up desk/executive office furniture/beanbag, and consider this: In the amount of time it has taken you to read this article, to this point, there has been:

  • Over 900,000 Facebook logins
  • 16 million text messages sent
  • 1 million videos viewed on YouTube, and…
  • Over 156 million emails sent

And that is what has happened in less than one Internet minute.

The point is, like it or not, we rely on the internet. We depend on the internet and we, in many cases, are addicted to the internet. It’s mind boggling really, but all that we now know of, that is the internet, is just now gathering speed! It’s just starting to roll and even the experts are yet to fathom where it’s going and how it will continue to change our lives.

If you were born before 2008 then you existed in a life before iPhone. The World Wide Web (WWW) didn’t exist prior to 1989. I’m of an age that still goes oooh and aaaah when I see cool new technology and apps. My son, who is in his 30’s is just looking for the next version or upgrade, and my 16-year-old grandson, who has been on-line since he was 3, just expects technology and innovation advancement.

I’ve had the privilege to see some of the coming attractions. Just in the categories of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality the applications to our world are staggering. The science would have been unbelievable, just a few years ago. I’ve had researchers and developers suggest to me that the PAST is today defined as yesterday afternoon. The collective knowledge of man is now doubling in days versus years and decades. Things are happening breathtakingly fast and will continue to speed up as the world is being forced to accept this inevitable change.

In an Internet minute;

  • 452,000 tweets are sent
  • 8 million Snaps created
  • Nearly $800,000 spent online
  • 5 million Google search queries

And, all in an internet minute.

Look, it is overwhelming, but my advice is to not let it be. Enjoy the ride. There is a negative side to any advancement, but much of it is also incredibly helpful. It can make our lives easier, improve communications, educate and illuminate. There’s something for everyone. My 85-year-old mother became quite a Twitter expert. I asked her why she used it and she simply looked at me, smiled and said, “I won’t be left behind!”

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