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“Danny Creed is an example of success. He brings value to countless people. As a certified business coach, he continues to deliver priceless value to every one of his clients. He provides hope, passion, accountability to every client. He is a trusted advisor to thousands of professionals. Partnering and working with Dan is a privilege. I am honored to call Coach Dan my business coach. ”

“Coach Dan is a man of integrity. He’s my Executive Business Coach, and has become an integral part of my team. Danny turns challenges into opportunities and designs solutions that stimulate more business and wealth for all. I trust Danny and always know that he’s in my corner and there for me when I need him. I highly recommend Coach Dan for his wisdom, guidance and commitment to results.”

"Danny Creed is without a doubt one of the finest professionals that I've ever had the pleasure of speaking with. His knowledge and vast experience in the Personal Development and Coaching area will leave you speechless with the ideas that he offers to help professionals get better at their craft. When seeking someone who can help you 'Sharpen your own Ax', I can recommend my good friend, Coach Dan with 110% confidence. For a personal introduction, please count on me to help facilitate a professional friendship."

"Coach Dan is a very amazing guy. He helped us grow our business by 300% He kept a steady hand on me all the time. He seemed to understand my problems or short comings. He only helped me figure out what I need to do, but he would make a spread sheet to track it. He gave and made tools for me to use. We got a real Web page, did some video's and had lots of fun. I got my 10 second pitch down and us it to this day."

"Danny has very relevant business expertise that can be used immediately to improve any/every aspect of running a business. The things he has taught me have resulted in a doubling of gross billings within the first year. (Of course, I had to do them) I wish I had hired him sooner!"

Real world business coaching, real success.

Real-World Master Business Coach Danny Creed is a professional, certified business coach and consultant with nearly 40 years’ experience in growing and turning around businesses and helping business owners achieve their definition of success.


Master Business Coach Danny Creed brings a career of unstoppable success to audiences around the world. Danny’s down-to-earth, conversational speaking style is rich with knowledge designed to inspire and empower your teams and any audience.


With an extensive background in “street fighting” sales, business and personal development, business start- ups, marketing, time management and more, Master Coach Danny Creed delivers world class, guaranteed results, helping business owners and executives reach a new level success.


The Issue

The Covid-19 pandemic created restrictions and roadblocks for all businesses. These challenges threatened their very existence. Many businesses were forced to close their doors, others struggled to understand how to continue to do business. All were unprepared and few had a Plan B.

The Solution

While most of the population had a Survival mindset, my clients were pushed to develop and maintain a Possibility mindset, Possibility problem solving, Possibility leadership and Possibility planning. We focused on business solutions that would carry over for years to come.

The Result
At the end of 2020, after nine months of Possibility Thinking in a negative world, every single one of my clients had flourished. 80% of all of my clients had RECORD years
The Issue

20-year-old business. Owners lost track of business goals, clarity on changes in their clients and their industry which caused the business to evolve into a “lifestyle” business. Revenue down nearly 80%.

The Solution

Customized Business Coaching plan. Focused plan to regain clarity; improve communications; time management and task prioritization; re-established personal/business goals; leadership training; improved accountability.

The Result
$3.5 million to $42 million in less than five years.
The Issue

Start-up company in a highly competitive industry. Young, inexperienced owner and young staff with high turnover. No management plan, no sales plan, no discipline; no leadership.

The Solution

Customized Business Coaching plan. Executive coaching as well as Leadership team coaching focused on foundational elements including: leadership; accountability; goals; establish metrics so everyone knew what “good looks like”.

The Result
$1.5 million to $13 million in four years
The Issue

Client was doing well but could not find any way to get to the next level. Had been working 80 hours a week for 20 years. He was a great financial planner and advisor but had not skills as an entrepreneur businessman or business manager.

The Solution

Customized Business Coaching plan that included: Sales training in all phases; marketing plan development that would be acceptable to compliance; business development plan; communication training.

The Result
Client’s income doubled, assets under management tripled in one year.
The Issue

Client was a great realtor and an average business person/entrepreneur. He and his wife were working very hard, spending lots of hours but working in a way that the industry has always taught. They used a “realty” coach who was well known, however, all the “coaching” was teaching them to be a better realtor rather than a better business person. Most of the “coaching” was focused strictly on accountability reporting. They knew that they could sell more and make more, they just didn’t know how to do it without working more!

The Solution

I created a business coaching program specifically for the team that focused on foundational business issues (communication training; priority management; powerful marketing clarity program; Guerilla Marketing strategy plan; business planning), moving quickly into advanced Goal Setting, visioning, strategy and intangible selling methods and strategies.

The Result
Sales tripled, income doubled and all was accomplished in less time per week.

How do you honor a second chance?

The latest book by Real World Business Coach, Danny Creed details the events that happened, beginning in September 2015, that would forever change his life. A triple by-pass heart surgery, with a near-death experience and the devastating death of his mother all in a 24-hour period set in play a chain reaction of experiences that would, in the end, create positive and powerful results.

With this challenge Danny embarked on a process of discovery and self-evaluation. What emerged was eleven decisions detailing exactly how was he going to change what and how he thought, spoke and acted. The powerful results define what every person has available to them, and that is the power to award themselves a second chance, to do things differently or not. And, that is the decision that is the hardest. We’ll learn that it’s not so much what you can do to live a better life, it’s more about honestly asking yourself and accepting the answer to the question, “Do you really want a better life?”

A LIFE BEST LIVED is within the reach of everyone and Danny Creeds story while both unnerving and sad is equal parts filled with hope and purpose and a blueprint for any reader to plan their own, LIFE BEST LIVED.